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Our company offers a big range of portable power supplies including single accumulators, accumulator batteries, chargers and accessories, primary cells and the service as well.

Our Offer

You can buy most of our products directly in our e-shop (only CZ).

We deliver top quality product and services

We only use brand-name accumulators produced by the top world producers such as Energizer, Friwo, Panasonic, Sanyo, SAFT and Varta.

Spot welding of accumulators in the batteries is carried out by modern Unitec and Weltron pneumatic micro-spot welders. We use ultrasonic welders for welding plastic materials.

All our products are guaranteed for minimum 24 months, there are some special products (for army, police, health facilities) that are guaranteed for 40 months.

Online support

Pavel Veselý

phone: (+420) 312 510 001


New in e-shop (only CZ)

1S1P-MP176065 xlr SAS – product detail

1S1P-MP176065 xlr SAS

SAFT - Li-Ion - 3,65 V - 6,8 Ah - s elektronikou 5A - P/N: 70186P

2 216,14 Kč s DPH

LR03 - Maxell – product detail

LR03 - Maxell

Alkalická baterie 1,5 V - AAA

10,44 Kč s DPH

LR6 - Maxell – product detail

LR6 - Maxell

Alkalická baterie 1,5 V - AA

10,44 Kč s DPH

BTX-Move5000 – product detail


Li-Ion - 3,6 V - 2900 mAh - 10,4 Wh pro Ingenico řady Move2500

365,23 Kč s DPH

LED campingové světlo - 3 v 1 -  skládací - Goobay – product detail

LED campingové světlo - 3 v 1 - skládací - Goobay

kempingová svítilna s 1 x LED - 1 W

195,66 Kč s DPH

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