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Skilled Services

  • consultation and training in hermetically sealed accumulator and other portable supplies

  • consultation of the designs of accumulator power supplies and their charges

  • providing trade, service and information about portable power supply units


  • repairs, general repairs and adjusting of hermetically sealed cells and accu-packs, flashlights,UPS...

  • micro-spot welding work

  • testing of new types of accumulator power supplies for new electronic equipment

  • disposal of waste hermetically accumulators and providing Certificate of their ecological disposal

Online support

Pavel Veselý

phone: (+420) 312 510 001


New in e-shop (only CZ)

3P10-L1008 s výměnnými plugy – product detail

3P10-L1008 s výměnnými plugy

Nabíječ Li-Ion baterií (2S - 7,2V) - počáteční nabíjecí proud 2A

476,10 Kč s DPH

3P10-L1016 – product detail


Nabíječ Li-Ion baterií - 4S - nabíjecí proud 1A

391,31 Kč s DPH

3PL1016S (12 W) – product detail

3PL1016S (12 W)

Nabíječ Li-Ion baterií (4S - 14,4 V) - nabíjecí proud 0,7 A

476,10 Kč s DPH

LS17500-SHA – product detail


Primární Li-článek - 3,6 V - 3 600 mAh - s trojpozicovým konektorem

319,57 Kč s DPH

BTX-6x4,2V – product detail


Nabíječ Li-lon pro baterii Ingenico BTX-iWL220

7 852,90 Kč s DPH

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