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We are dynamic and successfully developing company taking a significant position in the branch of hermetically sealed accumulators and batteries. There are top specialists with long time work experiences in our working team.

Our Customers

Our regular customers are, among others, the state administration authorities, research institutions, manufacturing plants, guard and security agencies, etc...

Quality and Satisfaction of Our Customers

We lay emphasis on the quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers and therefore we apply the quality control system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2001 and this system was certified by certification authorities.

Our Certificates

Certificate of the Electrotechnical Testing Institute in Prague – Troja

Certificate mark – ETI Detail of the ETI certificate

Certificate of the Certification Association of Quality Control System

Certificate mark – CQS Detail of the CQS certificate

Certificate of the International Certification Network

Certificate mark – IQNet Detail of the IQNet certificate

Certificate for the production of batteries used in the environment with explosion risk

Certificate mark – FTZU Detail of the FTZU certificate

Online support

Pavel Veselý

phone: (+420) 312 510 001


New in e-shop (only CZ)

LED - High Bright 240 – product detail

LED - High Bright 240

Čelová svítilna Goobay

245,19 Kč s DPH

BTX-Move2500 – product detail


Li-Ion - 3,6 V - 2600 mAh - 9,6 Wh pro Ingenico řady Move2500

339,14 Kč s DPH

Powerbank 10000mAh, extra tenký 13mm, inteligent. rychlonabíjení až 3A – product detail

Powerbank 10000mAh, extra tenký 13mm, inteligent. rychlonabíjení až 3A

Záložní baterie (PowerBank) s kapacitou 10000 mAh (37Wh)

734,60 Kč s DPH

LED campingové světlo - 3 v 1 -  skládací - Goobay – product detail

LED campingové světlo - 3 v 1 - skládací - Goobay

kempingová svítilna s 1 x LED - 1 W

195,66 Kč s DPH

BTX-6x4,2V – product detail


Nabíječ Li-lon pro baterii Ingenico BTX-iWL220 nebo BTX-Move2500

7 852,90 Kč s DPH

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